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Dedicated Private tutor for One on One lesson

We provide a tutor who will be dedicated to you and only you. This means that they will give you the attention that you need and want.

Customized course content as per your requirement

We offer customized course content as per your requirement. You can choose a topic or use our expertise to provide you with a tailored course.

Learn at your own pace

The tutor will teach you as per your capability without any hurry. The tutor will provide you with all the information and guidance that you need to know about the topic at hand.

Specially designed for seniors and beginners

We offer courses for seniors and beginners that teach them how to use computers, smartphones, tablets, email, social media and other digital tools. Our courses also cover topics such as how to use the internet safely, how to stay safe online etc.


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What you will learn?

Working with Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac IOS
Managing Files, Folders, Pictures etc.
Transferring data, contacts and pictures from phone to computer and computer to phone
Working with MS word, excel spread sheets, power point for making presentations
Working and understanding Iphone, android phone, Ipad, tablets and other smart devices.
Learning and managing social media apps like facebook, instagram, pinterest, tick tok, twitter etc.
Learn protecting your privacy
Learn Managing Emails, configuring emails, securing emails
Browsing internet safely using different browsers like Google chrome, safari, firefox and Microsoft edge.
Learn how to shop online securely.
Learn managing and securing Password.
Learning Smart home devices like alexa, google home, security cameras
Computer course for job
Computer classes for youtube channel
Computer course to become social media influencer
Computer classes for automation
Computer course for accounting
Computer classes for book keeping

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How Does it Work?

A dedicated online trainer to give you one on one lessons on basic computer skills
The Course duration is generally one week and the lessons are usually 1 hour a day
Private lessons take place on zoom meeting
Customized course content as per your requirement.
Our all the lesson plans are created together with the client.
We provide resource materials and notes to assist in the learning process.

You are in control. Learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

Special Classes for Smart home apps like Alexa, Google home, Smart security apps, Smart navigation systems



Since I have taken classes from click2tutor about computers I am so a happy as now I can regularly make video calls to my granddaughter and it has brought us more closer to each other.

Amelia Rowe
TrceGadsden, Alabama

My son had a Tesla but I was always afraid to drive it because of the technology in that car. Then I came across click2tutor, one of their tutor helped me in learning the different technical features of Tesla including smart navigation system. Now I am more confident in driving my son’s Tesla.

Lionel Neff
Carpinteria, California

My Son gifted me a laptop on my birthday I tried using it but could not as I did not know anything about commuters. Then I came through click2tutor and after taking classes from there tutor I can very well use my laptop. I have learnt a lot about emails, Facebook also I learnt how to play games online.

Brenda Shuler
Orangeburg, South Carolina

I want to thank you for the service. I am 69 years old and a retired engineer. I always wanted to know how computers work, but never had time to attend university classes. When I saw your service advertised, I was very excited because it allowed me to learn new things and increase my knowledge. The course is well-organized, short and easy-to-understand with good examples that made it easier for me to understand the technology

Dale Stone
Bigfork, Minnesota

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